Ten Questions for Theo Epstein

1)      Would you at least concede the Arroyo/Pena trade makes you a weaker team this year? If you agree, what does this say about your opinion of the team’s chances this year?

2)      Is Adam Stern better than Willie Harris? If he is why isn’t he on the team – at least until Coco Crisp returns?

3)      Do you honestly believe Rudy Seanez, Julian Tavares and David Riske are appreciably better than Manny Delcarmen?  If not, why did you commit valuable financial resources to average relievers?

4)      Do you ever foresee a time when the Sox start the season with an under 25 position player from your farm system in the Opening Day lineup? Or are the days of Yaz, Fisk, Lynn, Rice, Greenwell, Burks, Nomar etc., gone forever?

5)      Craig Hansen is older than Houston Street. Why is he in Double A?

6)      Jonathan Papelbon is older than Josh Beckett. If we concede he has to be a closer for now, do you feel any regret at all for not starting him from the outset this year?

7)      Does Kevin Youkilis’ early season success make you wish the Sox had played him earlier? Or are you satisfied that he could not have played regularly before his 27th birthday?

8)      Can a rookie beat out a veteran? Can the Red Sox say a rookie is better than the player we have at the position and he’s going to play? As an example see Nomar/John Valentin.

9)      Since the new Sox ownership took over and you became GM, the Sox seem to have had more success signing hitters than pitchers – other than the obvious choices of Schilling and Foulke. Is this unique to the Sox or common in MLB?

10)  In hockey they call a game against a division rival a 4-point game – 2 your team can get and 2 the other team can’t if you win. Why don’t the Sox treat Yankee games this way? It appears to be simple math but there is a huge disconnect between the Sox and the fans on this one.


One comment

  1. cadig9@aol.com

    please don’t give up the farm for this deal! lowell,tavares,clement,synder,gabbaed,jackson,breslow,but not hansen or manny d. please dan

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